QANW Insurance Backed Warranty

Park Lane Windows, Doors & Conservatories provide an insurance backed guarantee to honour the terms of the installing contractor’s own guarantee.

Q: Why have I received this policy?
A: Your installing contractor has instructed us to issue you with this consumer protection product as part of your contract with them.

Q: Do I have a policy of insurance?
A: If you contact QANW’s Operations Department on or alternatively call us on 01292 268020 and confirm your Name, Post Code, Year of Installation, Worktype and the installing contractors name we will check if you have a policy of insurance.

National Warranties

Q: What is a deposit protection insurance policy?
A: A deposit protection insurance policy is designed to protect the policyholder in the event that the original installer ceases to trade and is therefore unable to complete the installation. Please refer to your policy summary for details of what is covered by your specific policy.

Q: What should be expected from a deposit policy in the event of a claim?
A: The Deposit Protection Policy will provide a contribution up to the deposit amount to allow you to progress with the installation agreed with your original contractor. The Insurers liability is calculated based on quotations provided by you as part of the Claims Process.

Q: The deposit covered by my policy is different to the deposit I paid- why is that?
A: Your deposit protection insurance may not cover the entire amount of the deposit payments made by you, dependant on the type of deposit protection insurance you have. Please see the section of your policy headed “Limit of indemnity” or “Limit of Liability” for full terms in this regard.

Q: The advanced payments covered by my policy are different to the advance payments I’ve paid, why is this?
A: Your insurance policy may not cover the entire amount of the advance payments made by you, dependant on the type of insurance policy you have. Please see the section of your policy headed “Limit of indemnity” or “Limit of Liability” for full terms in this regard.

Q: How long does my deposit protection last?
A: Generally, deposit cover lasts 120 days from the date your deposit has been paid. In some instances, we have longer or shorter period of cover and you should default to your policy to confirm your cover period.

Q: My deposit policy is about to expire, what do I do?
A: If your deposit cover is approaching expiry, please raise this with your installer in order that they contact us as soon as possible. It may be the case that we can offer an extension to the deposit insurance however this is at the insurers sole discretion.

Q: What is an Insurance Backed Guarantee?
A: An insurance backed guarantee is a policy of insurance which is designed to protect the policy holder against workmanship defects in the insured works, where the original installer has ceased trading and is unable to honour their written guarantee. Please refer to your policy documentation for full details of cover.

Q: How long does my policy last?
A: Please refer to the section on your policy titled “The Period of this Insurance” to confirm the terms of your policy. Depending on the product, the term of cover provided varies, meaning there isn’t one single term for all.

Q: What are the benefits of the policy?
A: An Insurance Backed Guarantee provides cover for workmanship defects in the installation. Please see the section on your policy titled “Policy Benefits” which provides full details in this regard.

Q: Do I have to pay anything for this insurance?
A: Our policies are paid for by the installer, no payment is due or expected from any policy holder. Payment from installers is required prior to a policy being issued, therefore you needn’t worry about payment.

Q: Is the insurance policy transferable to subsequent homeowners?
A: The policy of insurance is only transferable if the installers written guarantee is. In the event it is transferable, we will be happy to transfer the benefits of this policy, if you have recently taken ownership of the property. In some cases, a small administration fee may be applicable for the transfer therefore, please refer to the “Transferability” section on the reverse of your policy for the full conditions applicable to your policy and confirm the fee applicable.

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