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Welcome to Park Lane Windows and Doors, the local window and door specialists for Wellingborough and the nearby areas. Our team has been providing high quality uPVC and Aluminium windows and doors to homes in Northamptonshire for many years.

uPVC Windows – a great addition to your home in Wellingborough

Double or Triple glazed uPVC windows are the perfect addition to  any property. We offer a huge range of uPVC windows from Sash to Tilt & Turn, Georgian, Shaped and. If you have old single-glazed windows that shake and rattle in the wind and allow the cold to seep in, these are not only often unsightly but are also not energy efficient which can lead to other problems such as damp or leaks. Our uPVC windows are as high quality as they come, they keep out the cold and the heat in.

But it is not all about warming up. As these windows are also rather easy to maintain. No more of those weekends where you are up a ladder, armed with paintbrush and a can of paint trying to repair woodwork frames. As our uPVC windows, are almost maintenance-free. It only takes a few minutes to clean them and they will look brand new for years to come

So we know they are practical but what about the style? At Park Lane Windows, all manners of window styles, shapes, sizes and finishes are available for our uPVC windows. Whether you live in a thatched cottage in Earls Barton or an apartment in the middle of the town, we have windows to match the style of your home. These range from the traditional white look replacement double glazed windows that many people opt for  to the woodgrain finishes that is often popular for those looking to match their window frames to their wooden door or garage door.

Does Adding a Porch To Your House Add Value?

Our Product Range

At Park Lane, windows are not all we offer. We have a wide range of products for your home in Wellingborough such as:

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uPVC Front and Entrance Doors Supplied and Installed in Wellingborough

A front door is the first point of contact between a home and the people, and therefore it should be welcoming. Our uPVC front doors are hard wearing and highly secure. They will endure the unpredictable weather we often experience, be it the hot summer or a severe winter in Britain.

Doors are one of the most important elements of any house and just like our windows, our doors are available in a range of colours and styles. Had your heart set on a door with panels and glazing that gives a traditional look? No problem. Or perhaps, you are interested in a style with more elegant and smooth forms and accents on the state-of-the-art handles? We’ve got that too. Pop into our local showroom to see a wide range of the different types of entrance doors we install throughout Wellingborough.

Park Lane Windows

uPVC rear and back doors

Our uPVC back doors are no less fashionable and secure than the ones designed for the front. Whether you need a small door to let the dog into the garden or a fancier one for the patio area, we have available all types of doors for all types of budgets.

uPVC patio doors

uPVC is a popular choice when it comes to patio doors. Swinging on their rails, they admitted as much light as possible while occupying no space on the floor when opened. Like any other products that we have, they are available in different styles and finishes to fit in your home.

Bi fold doors Wellingborough

We have two types of bi-fold doors which are uPVC and aluminium. The uPVC ones will be a good option if you want a balance between excellent insulation and low maintenance alongside affordability.

uPVC bi fold doors for your home

These are extremely popular, and it is not hard to see why. They give you the ability to remove the division between the indoors and the outdoors and expand your area. These bi fold doors are ideal for the warm summer nights in your Wellingborough home making entertaining is easier without having to sidestep each other when you are taking out plates of food to the barbeque.

Why choose aluminium bi fold doors?

Our aluminium bifold doors really are something to shout about. They offer a stunning modern finish and are often more robust than uPVC. They allow for larger window panes and slender profiles. This means more light and better views of your garden or the attractive countryside of Northamptonshire in the distance.

Beautiful aluminium windows throughout Wellingborough

Aluminium frames are very strong, which makes it possible to have a large amount of glass with minimal thickness of the frames. This allows more light and gives you a uninterrupted view of the outside – ideal if you beautiful views outside that you wish to be able to enjoy.

Aluminium windows are also a good option, if you are after a more modern appearance. They can be powder-coated in nearly any colour that you can think of to tie in with the rest of your home.

Durability is one of the most valuable attributes of aluminium. These frames will endure for years to come and will require minimum maintenance. They will not warp, rot or rust so they can be installed and then very little is needed to ensure their upkeep.

Home Improvement Specialists in Wellingborough

All the products that we offer including uPVC, aluminium and composite windows and doors, glass rooms and porches and  are made to an extremely high quality and offer excellent energy efficiency. We use the latest technology in glass and frame design to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. This will mean you will be contributing to conservation of the environment and at the same time spending less on your bills.

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Why Choose Park Lane for your Windows and Doors in Wellingborough

We provide a free no obligation quotations to all our customers and the surrounding regions. We can then arrange a visit to your home, discuss your requirements, take some dimensions and then advise you as to the most suitable products.

We strongly believe in no high pressure selling and no attempts to force you into a decision, just the facts that you need to know to make a decision that will be best for your home.

Our local experience enables us to provide recommendations based on your requirements and the nature of the building. Regardless of if you need to buy one or ten windows for your new house or for a house which is being renovated, we are here to assist you.  Just give us a call or fill out our enquiry form and one of our sales representatives will be in touch.

Not only are you getting high quality Windows and Doors, with Park Lane, you are also getting a local, family run business who want to ensure that the job is done correctly. So why wait? Get in touch today to find out more or visit our showroom to she our range for yourselves.