Are Colourful Front Doors In Style?

Are Colourful Front Doors In Style?

Are Colourful Front Doors In Style?

Adding a touch of individuality to your home has grown in popularity over the last few years. Customising the colours of your doors and windows is a big part of the design for many properties. As the government encourage homeowners and landlords to make their homes more energy efficient, many of us are taking the opportunity to replace our old and plain windows and doors with something that has a bit more personality.


Are white doors out of style?

White doors and windows have a timeless element that we believe will never be out of style. White doors can look sophisticated and elegant. With matching white windows, white gives a home a cohesive and quiet look.


Are black and grey doors popular?

Grey is possibly one of the most popular colours for front doors in the UK. Black doors are less popular but both grey and black look modern and sleek. The popularity of grey window frames is growing along with the doors, and both colours suit a whole house look very well.

Black and grey windows and doors suit a variety of property styles too. From Victorian to modern, the look somehow manages to be both bold and subtle at the same time.


Do pastel colours look good on a front door?

We love the muted colour look. Whether it’s pastel pink, baby blue or even a pale green colour, more people are opting for this look. Homes with white windows that do not need replacing, work very well with a new front door in a pale colour. Softer colours work delightfully with white, and adding a white frame around the door gives the home a unified appearance.

If you only need to change your front door but are concerned a bold colour won’t match the plain windows, don’t underestimate how bold a pastel-coloured door could look.

If you are planning on changing your windows though, pale green coloured doors and windows is a very popular look. It gives a country feel and can make a modern home look more welcoming and appealing.


Do bold colours look good on a front door?

Yellow, red, purple, green, blue are fantastic colours for a statement front door. Bright colours are exciting and can elevate the design of a property with that single change. Pair the door with matching or contrasting flowers throughout the year, and your front door almost becomes a work of art.

Red and green doors look very festive in the winter. Yellow is a warm and inviting colour throughout spring and summer. Even out of season, a very colourful front door is eye-catching and fun. Coming home on a dismal wintery day and seeing your lovely, sunny yellow front door will make you smile each time.

Some people can find it difficult to visualise how their bold door will look with plain white windows but that is the beauty of white; it matches everything.


Can a front door be different colours inside and out?

Most of the front doors we sell at Park Lane Windows can be one colour externally and another colour internally. This means you won’t have to compromise on colour outside, but can match your décor inside too.


Here at Park Lane, we love helping customers choose their ideal door, whether they go bright blue, pastel pink or classy black. Use our door designer tool to create the perfect front door for your home!