Revamp your garden aesthetic with new back doors

Revamp Your Garden Aesthetic With New Back Doors

Revamp your garden aesthetic with new back doors

Revamp Your Garden Aesthetic With New Back Doors

As summer rolls in you may be wishing to revamp your garden aesthetic. New back doors is one of the most striking and effective ways to change things up. A new set of back doors will not only make a difference to how your home looks from the outside but will also have an impact on the view outside from inside.

There are a number of different types of doors that suit the entry way to a garden. They range in functionality and design and can often be customised. In this blog post, we’ll look at some types and how they can revamp your garden aesthetic.


Single doors are simple and practical

Single back doors come in a variety of materials, most popularly as composite or uPVC doors. The simple and traditional doors can be customised to have more or less glass. They can also be different colours. The focus on single back doors is functionality, with uPVC doors especially easy to add flaps for animals such as cats.

Single composite doors are extremely strong and weather resistant so you will benefit from the design for many years to come. As a sturdy and simple option, a single door is likely to be the cheapest back door option for most.


Stable doors give countryside vibes

Stable doors look unique and pretty but also offer an element of practicality, especially if you have pets and young children. Divided into upper and lower panels, stable doors give the option of opening only the top, bottom or both. This is brilliant in the summer as it allows fresh air to circulate but keeps pets from escaping!

Pleasing to the eye, stable doors conjure images of peaceful cottage gardens in the summer and are particularly suited to the shabby chic, modern farmhouse or any other kind of rustic design.


French doors are a happy medium

French doors are a classic option for opening into an outdoor space such as garden or patio. With elegance and sophistication they look good and provide a bigger opening than a single door. French doors have characteristic full-length glass panels and a wide frame which allows a decent flow between spaces.

Perfect for entertaining in the summer and letting lots of light in during the winter, they are also handy when all you need is a back door. One side can also be opened independently of the other. French doors suit almost all interior and exterior designs which make them a great mid-range choice.


Sliding doors bring light and save space

Sliding doors are perfect when there isn’t a lot of room for swinging doors but a desire for lots of light. With wide frames, sliding doors let maximum light in and maximum visibility out. Sliding doors come in different materials such as uPVC and aluminium. The latter having even slimmer frames to allow more light in.

Sliding doors need enough space to slide open so although they do not swing outwards, the amount of width they take up will mean they are not suitable for some properties. If they can be installed however, sliding doors provide a bright transition from inside to outside and continue to provide a decent amount of light in the winter.


Bi-folding doors deliver uninterrupted views

Bi-folding doors have similar benefits to sliding doors. They allow a lot of light in and when opened, can create a wide opening. However, they take sliding doors to the next level. They are more versatile and can be installed across entire walls with large glass panels that open the wall up to the elements.

Striking and impressive, bi-folding doors are more than just a practical door but a design feature for both inside and outside the home. From a functional point of view, most bi-folding doors can have a normal open and close operation on one panel so it can be used as a single door for convenience.

The amount of glass that makes a bi-folding door so impressive means the price will be higher than other options. For most people, the aesthetic they bring to any home and garden design are proportional to the cost.


Is the summer a good time to buy a new door?

The summer is the perfect time to update your windows and doors. Apart from Christmas, more burglaries happen in the summer months than any other time of year. Old or broken doors are a target for burglars. From a home security perspective, it makes sense to take advantage of the warmer temperature and get your door replaced in the spring and summer.

New doors are more energy efficient than old ones and this efficiency is just as important in hot weather. A good quality window helps keep UV light and solar radiation out of the home. This keeps homes cooler and more protected from UV damage.


Replacing your back doors is an excellent way to revamp your garden aesthetic, improve functionality, and increase curb appeal. Even a simple new back door improves the aesthetic of both the internal and external perspectives.

You can choose from single, stable, French, sliding or bi-folding doors. Whichever style you select, a new door will be more energy efficient and secure than the last. Talk to our team about the range of back door options we have and visit our showroom to see them!