What Are The Benefits Of Integral Blinds?

There are several benefits of integral blinds, and although they have been around since the 1990’s, they are becoming more and more popular in homes at the moment. Integral blinds have a sleek and sophisticated appearance that look striking in homes and commercial offices. Let’s look at three of the top reasons for getting integral blinds installed.


What are integral blinds?

Integral blinds are made to measure blinds that have been fitted between the panes of a glass window. Integral blinds fit in both triple and double-glazed windows as they are very small and compact units. They are styled similarly to Venetian blinds and can be opened and closed manually or electronically. The blinds can be operated to open at different degrees or rise completely, giving a clear view out the window.

Integral blinds are suitable for sliding doors, bi-fold doors and windows which makes them incredibly versatile and appropriate for every kind of room in a home. As they are made to last as long as windows, a set of integral blinds could last up to 25 years before needing to be replaced. As well as the longevity of integral blinds, there are more benefits to discover.


Enhanced privacy are a benefit of integral blinds

Unlike traditional blinds or curtains that can be easily seen through, integral blinds are securely enclosed within the glass preventing unwanted visibility into your space. You can adjust the blinds to control the level of privacy without the need for additional window coverings. This is particularly good during the winter or when you are on holiday, if you have smart features with your blinds. This is because you can set timers to open and close the blinds at specific times. This gives the appearance that someone is inside the dwelling.


Integral blinds are low maintenance

These amazing blinds are designed to be easy to care for and convenient for people to live with. As the blinds are protected within the glass, they don’t collect dirt, dust and allergens such as pollen. This means you won’t need to regularly clean or replace the blinds as you would with external blinds. The sealed design also prevents the blind from tangling or becoming misaligned which is important for the safety of children and pets, as well as reducing the risk of damage. That low maintenance means they last longer, in a better condition than non-integral binds.


Integral blinds improve energy efficiency


Integral blinds contribute to energy efficiency by controlling solar heat gain and glare. A sealed unit of double glazing helps insulate a home, however normal blinds do allow for gaps of sunlight to stream through. You can adjust integral blinds to block excessive sunlight during hot summer days. This reduces the need for fans and preventing furniture or flooring from fading due to UV exposure. During the winter integral blinds can help retain heat inside the room which reduces heating costs.


Integral blinds increase privacy and contribute to improving energy efficiency whilst requiring very little maintenance. Not only do they look fabulous, but integral blinds do not gather pollen and dust. This can help improve the lives of people living with allergies. Both pet and child friendly, the benefits of integral blinds are clear to see and are a valuable home improvement to have. Talk to our friendly team for more information on integral blinds.