Are Double-Glazed Window Replacements a Wise Investment?

If you have lived in a property for an extended period of time, you will have no-doubt identified certain areas that could do with being upgraded. Some of these, such as your outdated bathroom, could be because the visuals are not what they once were. Other features, however, will need to be replaced because they are damaging your overall living experience. 


A prime example of this is your choice of windows; more specifically, the type of glazing that they are equipped with. In the past few years, double-glazed units have gone from strength-to-strength, and the Park Lane Windows experts are pleased to explain why this is the case.

Deals With Excess Noise

The last thing that you will want when attempting to enjoy some much-needed relaxing time at home, is to be constantly interrupted by wave-after-wave of unwanted noise. It could be that this stems from traffic which passes by your property day-after-day. Maybe you have new neighbours that have just moved in, and they have young children that are not particularly good at keeping the noise down. Whatever the case may be, having double-glazed panes of glass can help to limit the irritation that this causes you. 

Combats Condensation

In winter, you might have noticed that when you wake up, there is a rather large build-up of condensation on the inside of your windows. Whilst some of you may think that this is normal, the reality of the situation is that this is a clear indication that your windows are not performing in an efficient manner. A lack of an airtight seal is what causes the condensation, and this should highlight to you that your home is not retaining thermal energy particularly well – double-glazing can resolve this problem with ease.

Long-Term Savings

If you are someone that is always looking for innovative ways in which to save money, you might want to take a closer look at investing in replacement windows that are blessed with double-glazing. Although you might resent the upfront window costs, these will fade into a distant memory when you begin to reap the rewards from this decision. The way that these windows are able to reduce heat loss means that, as the months fly by, your energy bills will continue to be significantly cheaper.

Heat Regulation

As we have already mentioned, double-glazing is fantastic at trapping heat inside your home, making the winter months more-bearable. However, you should also be aware that having secondary glazing can also be hugely-beneficial when the sun is out. Rather than force yourself to be totally-reliant on an air conditioning unit, this type of glass can help to filter some of the sun’s rays. This, in turn, will ensure that your home does not tend to overheat, which is an advantage that does not get talked about enough.

Breaking Down Our Services

If you were previously under the impression that purchasing a replacement double-glazed window was something of an optional investment, we hope that we have done enough to convince you of their worth. The energy-saving capabilities of secondary glazing is, by itself, a good reason to upgrade. When you factor in the manner in which they reduce noise pollution, it is no-wonder that these are seen to be an ideal solution. 


Here at Park Lane Windows, we have both double and triple-glazed window panes to choose from, all of which come in a wide-variety of styles. With casement windows and uPVC windows being just a few examples of our options, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01604 791791 if you want to educate yourself further about our catalogue.