Are Windows Important For Kerbside Appeal?

Are Windows Important For Kerbside Appeal?

Are Windows Important For Kerbside Appeal?

Whether windows are important for kerbside appeal is helpful to know for homeowners. The kerbside appeal of a house is important to the residents, neighbours, and homebuyers. This is because  it can affect house sale prices. The external view of a house is usually the first image a buyer looks at when scrolling through the list of suitable potential homes. In this blog we’ll reveal how important windows are to potential buyers and what you can do to improve yours.


Are Windows Important To Home Buyers?

A study by Evolution Money found that 93% of people pass judgement on a property based on how it looks outside. The same study found that 30% of people would pay an additional £5,000 or more for a house with a “well-maintained exterior”.

The study compiled a list of the top 10 elements that boost kerb appeal and home value, based on the answers from the UK residents surveyed. Number 2 on the list was double glazed windows. 37% of people also said that double glazed windows would encourage them to make a higher offer on a property.

Damaged windows were number 2 on the list of the biggest ‘turn offs’ so it is clear people do find the condition of windows important when considering a house purchase. Craig Bray, Divisional Director at Yopa estate agents commented on the study. They said that simple, tactful renovations can boost the value of a property.

Even if you yourself aren’t trying to sell a house, the way the neighbours houses look can affect the value of houses that are for sale. Another survey found an unappealing property nearby could decrease the value of the houses around it by 5%-10%.

Maintaining the exterior of a home, particularly windows, is important for the local house prices and your own should you choose to sell.


How To Improve The Look Of Windows

If your windows are in poor condition, then the best solution is to replace them with good quality new ones. Broken or damaged glass or frames and moisture in between glazing are signs your windows need to be replaced. With finance options, warranties and guarantees available, the cost of new windows is much more affordable nowadays. Good quality windows can also improve how well your house stays heated too.

If replacing your windows is not something you can do now, here are some tips for giving them a makeover.

Fix the issues as best you can. If it is just one broken window, then try to get that fixed at least. Broken windows are attractive to burglars and dangerous if they continue to deteriorate.

Regularly clean your windows or have a window cleaner do it. Keeping your windows clean allows more light in the home and look nicer than dirty ones.

Use uPVC restorer to remove marks and brighten old uPVC as this will improve the look of the frames and sills around the glass.

Treat wooden windows and sills with oils or paints that are appropriate for the type of wood used.


Keeping your windows in good condition can not only affect the value of your home but also that of your neighbours. If your windows are letting you down, replace them with high-quality double-glazed windows. You can also follow the tips above to give them a new lease of life and improve their kerbside appeal.