Benefits Of Energy Efficient Windows and Doors In The Summer

Benefits Of Energy Efficient Windows and Doors In The Summer

Benefits Of Energy Efficient Windows and Doors In The Summer

Benefits Of Energy Efficient Windows and Doors In The Summer

There are several benefits of having energy efficient windows and doors in your home during the summer. No doubt you have heard how effective they can be during the winter, but those traits also make a big difference when the weather is hot.

In this article we will look at what the key features of energy efficient windows and doors are. We’ll follow that with how those features help our homes in the summer.


What are the features of energy efficient windows and doors?

The main features of energy efficient windows and doors are:

  • Improved insulation properties due to the double glazing and door materials
  • Better security because of the newer technology and durable build
  • Glazing with Low-E coatings reduce heat loss and radiation gain through windows
  • Reduces noise pollution from outside

These features are obviously very helpful during the winter. The combination of reducing heat loss and having better insulation can contribute to spending less on energy bills. Security is important in the winter months as criminals take advantage of festive gifts being kept in homes. As for noise pollution, the racket of storms, rain and festive parties can be reduced with high quality windows and doors.


How do energy efficient doors and windows make a difference in the summer?

During the summer months in the UK the temperatures can vary between a daily average of 17-18°c to record breaking 40°c so keeping your home at a stable, cool temperature is ideal.


Insulation Keeps Heat Out

Well insulated windows and doors not only work to keep the heat in during the winter but the same properties keep heat out during the summer. If the temperature is hot outside, insulation works to reduce the amount of heat that passes through it. It is similar to how insulation in walls and lofts work; trapping heat in if it is cold outside, and keeping the heat outside when it is hot.


Good Quality Deters Burglars

Although November and December tend to have the highest burglary rates in the UK, the next highest rate is during the summer months. Leaving windows and doors open to let fresh air is also the easiest way to let burglars in.

Another way your home will look attractive to burglars is if the windows and doors look easy to force or are damaged already. You can read more about how this attracts burglars in our blog “How Do Burglars Use Doors And Windows To Break In?”.

The benefit of energy efficient windows and doors is that they are also made to be more durable, stronger and secure than their older counterparts. This acts as a deterrent to criminals because they know it will be much harder to break in through them. As far as leaving them open; this is generally not advised, and if anything, lets more warm air in than keeping them closed will.


Low-E Coatings Help

Most new glazing comes with a Low-E coating which is a transparent film on one of the panes. This coating reduces the amount of ultraviolet light and inferred radiation coming through the glass. What this means, is that it allows light through but less of the damaging radiation and heat that fades furniture and warms up a room.


Noisy Neighbours Are Quieter

During the summer months, understandably there is a lot more noise outside. Kids play out later, people have BBQs with music, and enjoying a warm evening outside is popular. The big problem here is that poorly insulated windows and doors let soundwaves through, even when closed.

Good insulation does more than keeps the heat out, it also blocks more sound from seeping through. This can greatly reduce the noise from the local area.


Energy efficient windows and doors have several benefits that are not just confined to winter but are helpful all year round. In the summer, high-quality windows and doors can keep your home cooler, quieter and more secure.

These benefits make summer more enjoyable and also demonstrate how worthwhile the investment in energy efficient windows and doors is.