Bringing the outside in - why you should choose bi-fold doors

Bringing the outside in – why you should choose bi-fold doors

Bringing the outside in - why you should choose bi-fold doors

Do you want to give your home an instant upgrade? Or are you building an extension or conservatory and want to add a touch of luxury? Bi-fold doors may be the perfect choice for you, not convinced? Keep reading to find out all about bi-fold doors and the top benefits that they can bring to your home.

What are bi-fold doors?

Bi-fold doors are similar to patio doors in look, but rather than opening like a standard door, they fold in on themselves along a track. This means that they can be installed at a wider length than standard doors, and once open take up less room and essentially open the room up to the outdoors.

Where are they used?

Bi-fold doors are often used in homes to open kitchens, living spaces, and conservatories up to the garden. They can be installed in almost any sized space – large or small – or can be fitted as part of a new extension or build. Once the doors are folded back, it creates a large opening with a low threshold for easy access and will allow plenty of fresh air to enter in the summertime.

Because they fold away neatly to one or both sides they leave lots of space to take advantage of when they’re open. They also help rooms appear much bigger than they actually are, giving you a nice big space to relax in.

What are the benefits?


Bi-fold doors make your home look modern and give a slick look on the outside but still provide a luxurious addition overall. They add a stylish look to the home and bring the wow factor to any room when you walk in.


Whether the doors are open or closed they never fail to make the room feel more open and flood the room with light. When the doors are open, they have the ability to bring the outdoors in and make spaces feel even bigger thanks to all of the extra light and fresh air.

Unrestricted views

If you’ve always dreamt of having a garden room or a place to relax in and enjoy your garden, bi-fold doors will definitely provide this by connecting your garden to your home. Bi-fold doors in your home seamlessly connect outdoor and indoor spaces. They allow you to enjoy your garden all year round – you’ll feel like you’re outside even when it’s too cold or wet to actually sit out there (more often than not thanks to the typical British weather).


If you have an especially small or inconvenient shaped room, then not to worry as bi-fold doors offer a lot of flexibility. You can decide whether they open to the left or to the right, and whether they open on the inside or the outside. If you opt for the outside they won’t take up valuable living space when they’re open.

With a wide choice of sizes and our skilled craftsmanship we can design and manufacture doors to fit most sizes – large or small. We supply them in a wide range of colours, so there’s bound to be a style and colour that matches seamlessly into your home.

Easy to use

Our bi-fold doors open seamlessly, easily gliding open and closed with little effort required.

Energy efficiency

Aluminium and uPVC bi-fold doors provide thermal efficiency as they reduce heat loss. With the bi-fold doors, depending on what you’re replacing, you’ll notice your heating bills will start to go down, as you won’t need to turn your heating up as often, and it’s a lot easier to keep your home at a consistent temperature during the winter.


Due to bi-fold doors being so stylish and modern, many would think that they aren’t the most secure, however they offer a greater level of security as they feature multipoint locking systems so that when they’re locked shut, they stay shut.

Still not sure if bi-fold doors are the right choice for your home? Feel free to get in touch, we’d be happy to offer our expert advice so that you can bring the outside into your home with bi-fold doors.