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Buyers Guide To The Different Types Of Windows

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Buyers Guide To The Different Types Of Windows

When deciding to undertake some general home improvements, people often overlook replacing their windows and in general, many people will never have their windows replaced. Of course, there are numerous reasons why people should consider replacement windows next time they do some work on their home and as soon as you do, you can reap the benefits associated with new windows. 


Of course, if you’ve never had to choose new windows before then the market may seem slightly confusing. Many homeowners are surprised just how many different types of windows there are, and it isn’t uncommon for people to not even know what their current windows are called. To help anyone attempting to choose replacement windows for their home, our team here at Park Lane Windows have put together an easy to understand guide to the most popular types of windows on the market. 


Casement windows


This type of window is probably one of the most commonly chosen by homeowners. Casement windows are usually what people envisage when thinking of classic windows and the majority of homes will have this type of window somewhere in their property. 


Standard casement windows are usually attached to their frame with two hinges on the side and they open in a similar way to a door. Usually, this type of window will be used in pairs with a common frame and they will be held open using a casement stay.


Sliding sash windows 


You can expect to find this type of window in traditional-looking homes and they have been used for hundreds of years now. Sliding sash windows preserve the beauty of period homes and have an authentic feel to them. 


This type of window is made up of two parts that sit on top of each other so, they automatically look different to casement windows. To open these windows you need to slide the bottom part of the window up to sit parallel to the top part and this is how they got their name. 

Tilt and turn windows

Many homeowners up and down the country are choosing this type of window when searching for replacement windows simply because they are so versatile. Tilt and turn windows look similar to a classic casement window but they are considered to be much more convenient. 


The name of this type of window gives away how you’re able to open it. They have a specific mechanism that enables them to tilt inwards from the top or swing open completely from the side. The positioning of the handle will decide which way tilt and turn windows open.  


Bay and bow windows


Whilst these technically are two different things, in terms of windows, they’re very similar and look the same from the outside of a property. Bay and bow windows are often used if you have a large space requiring a replacement window. 


Both bay and bow windows are essentially made up of multiple casement windows and they usually create a curved shape. Simply put, the main difference between the two is that a bay window is used when there is a bay in a room whereas a bow window creates the illusion of a bay but can be installed anywhere. 


Choosing the right replacement windows


Hopefully, the guide above can help you differentiate between the different options available on the market and now you know the name of different windows, you may find it easier to narrow down your options. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to replacement windows and what works best for someone else’s home may not be right for your home so, take some times to consider the different options mentioned above. 


When searching for somewhere to purchase replacement windows in Milton Keynes, and surrounding areas, be sure to visit the Park Lane Windows website or showroom. Our team has a wealth of experience making them the perfect people to assist you with your replacement windows and you can trust that we will provide you with the very best in products, customer service and value for money no matter which type of windows you’re interested in.