Choosing between the different external back door options

Choosing Between The Different External Back Door Options

Choosing between the different external back door options

Choosing Between The Different External Back Door Options


Choosing between the different external back door options can be confusing. When replacing the external doors at their property, many homeowners spend a lot of time focusing on ensuring that the front door is perfect. There is no denying that your front door is incredibly important. However, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of your back door too. Your back door is the one that connects your home to your garden and you will be surprised just how many times a day you either use this door or simply look through it to view your garden. 


Browsing the market for external back doors isn’t necessarily as easy as homeowners may assume either. Not only do you have lots of materials to choose from, as you do with a front door, you also have a handful of different styles to choose too. To help anyone currently trying to choose the right external back door, our team here at Park Lane Windows have looked into the most popular options. Below is some information you may find helpful. 


French doors 


This is probably the most commonly used option for a back door. It has been popular amongst homeowners for many years now. French doors comprise of two doors that share one frame and they look like two doors side by side. They tend to open outwards and operate one after the other, the main door followed by the secondary door. 


French doors work well in a vast range of properties and can be made in a variety of colours and effects/textures. They are known for being aesthetically pleasing. They are also being incredibly secure and they often have strong multi-point locking systems. Ultimately, this is a brilliant choice if you’re wanting to keep things simple and convenient yet still chic. 


Bifold doors 


Over the past few years, the interest in, and amount of homeowners buying bifold doors, in particular aluminium bifold doors, has grown dramatically. These doors are essentially made up from huge individual panels of glass that often span from floor to ceiling. When opening a bifold door, these panels will concertina back. This creates a beautiful wide opening to your outdoor space. 


When buying bifold doors, you will be opting for a contemporary and stylish solution. These doors are known for allowing natural light to flood into your room because their ultra-slim frames allow a larger glazed area. If you buy bifold doors, you can choose the size of your panels and how many you would like. You can also choose the colour of the frame and any finishing effects too. 


Patio doors


These doors are commonly referred to as sliding doors. They are another option that has been popular for many years now. When you buy patio doors, you will essentially have two panels of glass that sit next to each other and when opening these doors, one panel will slide behind the other to create an opening. 


An advantage of patio doors is they allow huge amounts of light into a room as they have slim frames. Similarly to bifold doors. If you don’t have much space, these can be a brilliant choice as they don’t take up any room when they open. Of course, sliding patio doors are also elegant and eye-catching too, and you can easily tailor them to meet your needs. 


Stable doors


For many people, a stable door will instantly give them a country vibe, but these days, they are much more than just a cottage door. These doors are also referred to as split doors and that is essentially what they are. They look similar to a standard single door but they are split horizontally so you have the choice to only open half of the door if you so wish. 


A stable door is a brilliant choice if you only have room for a single door. They have a vast range of colours, designs and glass options to choose from. It’s easy to modernise this traditional looking door for your home. Stable doors are very popular for families with young children or pets. Anyone who still want to bring the outdoors into their home, but stay secure, will love a stable door. 


Installing a new external back door 


This article will help with choosing between the different external back door options currently available on the market. We wouldn’t want you to overlook any potentially amazing choices. Of course, all of these doors have their pros and cons, so it really is a personal decision. Think about your home, how you use your garden and what would be best for your family. There is no right or wrong answer, they can all look incredible. Come to our showroom and view the options in person, that often helps with decision making. 


If you’d like to speak to an expert about external doors in more detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here at Park Lane Windows today. With many years of experience behind us, you can trust we can help. Whether you think you’d like to buy a patio door or buy a bifold door. Whichever type of door you opt for you can ‘buy now and pay later’ with external doors. So, you won’t have to compromise either. To find out more about how we can help in regards to new external back doors, contact us today.