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Choosing The Best Material For Your External Doors

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Choosing The Best Material For Your External Doors


It goes without saying that your external doors make up part of your home’s facade and they have the ability to make your home more aesthetically pleasing. In turn, they play an integral part in ensuring that the first impressions of both you and your home are positive. So, whether your external doors are starting to look worn and tatty, or they no longer suit your home’s style and you fancy a change, you may be thinking it is time to invest in some new replacement doors. 


If this is the case, when browsing through the current market, you may be surprised just how many different options you have. These days, as well as deciding on style and colour, you also have numerous materials to choose from. To help anyone looking at replacement doors, our team here at Park Lane Windows have put together a helpful guide to the most commonly used exterior door materials. 


uPVC doors 


uPVC replacement doors are made from something called Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride and this material is frequently used for both doors and windows. Many people choose uPVC doors because they are incredibly affordable yet still have numerous benefits. 


A big benefit to uPVC is that it has amplified thermal efficiency, as this type of door is designed to prevent heat from escaping from your home – helping to block any exterior noise as well. Many people also choose uPVC because it is virtually maintenance-free too, yet it will last for many years. All in all, uPVC is a great material for both entrance and rear replacement doors. 


Composite doors


Composite replacement doors are a more modern concept and they are made from numerous different materials. This type of door is known for having the appearance of a traditional timber door, whilst benefiting from everything modern technology brings to the industry. 


There are so many benefits to choosing composite for your replacement doors, they are exceptionally durable and weather resistant, not to mention they’re energy-efficient. Many people are turning to this type of door because it is so versatile and can come in numerous designs and colours, making them perfect for entrance doors. 


Aluminium doors 


Aluminium replacement doors aren’t as mainstream, but they really should be a contender. The frames of aluminium doors are much smaller than other materials, allowing these doors to let in the maximum amount of light and provide unobstructed views. 


Of course, aluminium is such a strong material, so security is never an issue in this regard. It is also a material with a long life and is corrosion-resistant and very easy to maintain. Whilst aluminium may not be your first choice for doors on the front of your property, it should absolutely be considered for any rear doors where glass is designed to be the main feature. 


Deciding which replacement doors to purchase


Hopefully, the guide above will help you choose the best material for your new external doors, so that you can go ahead and confidently invest in replacement doors you’ll love for years to come. When searching for replacement doors in Milton Keynes or Northamptonshire, visit the Park Lane Windows website today. We have such a vast range for you to choose from and our products cover all of the above categories. 


Here at Park Lane Windows, as a FENSA registered company, we are incredibly proud of our reputation for quality products, efficient installations and outstanding customer service. Every customer that turns to us for replacement doors will benefit from our wealth of skill, expertise and resources. We are confident that we will be able to design, manufacture and install the replacement doors that you have been dreaming of. You can trust that you are in the best possible hands when you work with our talented team. So, why not get in touch today and we can discuss your replacement door needs in more detail?