Conservatory Refurbishment Ideas From the Experts

If you’ve had your conservatory for years, you’ve probably experienced the issue of it being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. It becomes an unusable room in your home and a forgotten waste of space. You’ve probably also thought about conservatory refurbishment ideas to make it a more functional room. In this post, our conservatory experts share five different ways you can renovate your conservatory in Northamptonshire. 

Insulate the walls

Your conservatory will likely have ‘dwarf’ walls running underneath the windows. These can be insulated by drilling small holes and injecting a non-flammable foam inside. This prevents heat loss so your conservatory won’t feel as cold during the winter months. 

Update the glass

Glass technology has hugely improved in the last decade. Your windows can be replaced with UV-safe window panes that reflect sunlight and stop the conservatory from getting so warm in the summer. New glazing will also be A-rated double glazing, which means it will improve thermal performance by up to 33%. It’s an investment, but you’ll be amazed at the difference this can make to the usability of the space. 

Knock out a wall

Did you know it’s possible to remove a wall and make your conservatory open plan? This may need planning permission, but our team can walk you through the process and show you what’s possible. This can give you much more useable space and make your conservatory feel more like an extension than a sunroom. 

Replace the roof

This is one of the most popular ways of updating a conservatory and making it more usable. If you have a glass or PVC roof on your conservatory, it’s allowing a lot of heat in during the summer, and losing a lot of heat in the winter. Solid tile conservatory roofs or modern hybrids with glazed panels are a modern, functional update that will make the room significantly more thermally efficient. 

Update the frames

Over time, the frames of a conservatory become dirty, chipped, and warped. This not only makes the structure look old and tired but can reduce the thermal efficiency of the entire structure. Modern uPVC is a durable update that comes in a range of colours. This will improve the thermal efficiency of your conservatory and give it a wonderfully modern look. 

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