designing composite front door

Designing Your New Composite Front Door

designing composite front door

Designing Your New Composite Front Door


Many homeowners these days are interested in replacing their current front door with a modern design and often, a composite door is the most popular choice. There is no denying that there are numerous benefits to opting for a composite entrance door, from enhanced security to improved aesthetics, and it is easy to see why they are chosen by the vast majority of homeowners nowadays. 


Even when you decide that you’d like a new composite front door, there are so many different pre-made designs to choose from and nowadays, you’re even able to design your own door from scratch too. For many, this is a brilliant option as it allows them to create a new composite door that is perfect for their home. If you’re interested in designing your own door, to help you with the process, our team here at Park Lane Windows have broken down all of the different aspects that you’ll need to think about. 


The style of the door  


One of the first, and arguably most important, things to think about when designing your own exterior door is the style of the frame. This will become your base for the rest of the design, so it is usually best to start with this. Whether you’d like a plain solid door or something with glass panels/windows, consider all of the options available. With so many styles to choose from, you will easily be able to find something that you like. 


The colour of the door 


Next, you should think about the colour that you’d like the door to be. This tends to be one of the first things that any visitors will notice about your door, so it is important to ensure that the colour perfectly complements the rest of your home and doesn’t stand out for all the wrong reasons. You will usually be offered a range of standard colours and sometimes you can choose from any RAL colour too, so you will never be restricted.  


The glazing of the glass 


If you’d like to have glass panels or windows in your new composite front door, you will also need to consider all of the different glazing options that you have. Not only can you choose between satin or obscured glass, but you also have lots of glass designs to consider too. Often, you can get patterned and coloured glass, so think about how much detail you’d like. Of course, if you want to keep things simple, you can opt for a standard glass. 


The frame of the door 


Once you have the basics in mind for the main part of your new composite front door, it is worthwhile thinking about the frame that the door will sit in. Whilst you can stick for a simple single door, and this may be all you have room for, you also have the option to add side panels to the frame. You can also choose whether you’d like midrails in these glazed panels too, so you can decide exactly what you’d like the overall look of the door to be like. 


The finishing touches and hardware


The last thing to think about is all of the different hardware options available. These include things like; the letterbox, the handles and the knockers. Not only can you decide if you want all of these pieces of hardware to be included, but if you do, you can choose the metal colour and the style of them too. You may be surprised just how much of a difference these finishing touches can make to the whole look of the door. 


Creating your new composite front door 


Now that you’re aware of all of the different aspects of design that you have control over, you can ensure that you’re tailoring absolutely everything to meet your individual needs. When doing so, you can create a new composite front door that is everything you wanted it to be. If you’re looking for some inspiration, it is best to browse the pre-made doors available and make note of all of the different aspects that you love, you can then combine them together into your design. 


If you’re looking for a company that can assist you with designing your new composite front door, visit the Park Lane Windows website today. Not only do we have an online door designer that you can use to play around with the different options available to you, but you can also visit our showroom where a member of our team will be able to assist you with the design as well. No matter what your reasons may be for wanting a new composite front door, you can trust that we will be able to help you design something that is perfect for your home.