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Different Types Of Conservatories

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Different Types Of Conservatories`

Many homes up and down the UK these days benefit from conservatories and there is no denying that they can be a brilliant addition to any home. Whether you’re in need of some additional functional space or you’re simply hoping for somewhere you can sit back and relax, a conservatory can be a brilliant solution to your needs. 


When deciding to go ahead and install a conservatory many people are unaware of just how many different types of conservatories are available. Usually, when envisaging a conservatory people picture the same classic design, but nowadays, they are so much more versatile. To help anyone currently trying to navigate the many different types of conservatories, our team here at Park Lane Windows have put together a simple guide to the different options available. 


Conservatory shapes and designs 


These days you have complete control when it comes to overall shape and design. However, the majority of designs will fall into a category and below are some of the most popular categories for conservatories. 


Victorian conservatory 


This type of conservatory is the ‘classic’ look that most people associate with conservatories. Victorian conservatories are usually hexagonal in shape and made completely from glass, both the walls and roof. They are the most traditional in design. 


Edwardian conservatory 


An Edwardian conservatory design isn’t too dissimilar from the classic design but they are usually constructed in a square or rectangular shape. This type of conservatory works with a selection of different conservatory roof solutions. 


Gable front conservatory 


The main difference between this type of conservatory and an Edwardian conservatory is the shape of the roof. Gable front conservatories are also square or rectangular but they have a pitched roof that is usually aligned with the roof of your house.


Lean-to conservatory 


This type of conservatory has a very different overall look to it. A lean-to conservatory is usually a slender structure that has a flat angled roof. They work incredibly well on properties where height is a concern. 


Loggia conservatory 


Lastly, loggia conservatories were first created by Italian designers and they are usually made from all-glass. This type of conservatory tends to be quite big and they are often an L or a T shape or they are uniquely designed for the user. 


Conservatory roof solutions 


As well as choosing the shape and design for your conservatory, these days you also have the choice of different conservatory roof solutions too. 


Glass roof 


Traditionally glass was the only conservatory roof solution and it was used in almost every design. The whole roof of your conservatory can essentially be a window and there are many different glass panel shapes to choose from.


Polycarbonate roof 


This conservatory roof solution has been used in conservatory design for many years and is a popular choice. These roofs are made from a strong thermoplastic material and they can have a bronze, opal or completely clear finish. 


Solid roof 


As the name employs, this conservatory roof solution is slightly different in the fact that it is most similar to a normal roof. It can be made from slate or tiles and can also include numerous skylight windows if required. 


Choosing a conservatory for your home 


Hopefully, the guide above will make choosing or designing a conservatory much easier. You really do have so many different options these days so take advantage of this. Take your time and think about what will work best for your individual needs. If you need any help in this regard or you’re looking to get a professional second option, this is something that we will happily assist you with here at Park Lane Windows


Our team here at Park Lane Windows can help you create your dream conservatory no matter what shape, design or roofing solution you’re looking for. Since the 1980’s we have been working to supply and install industry-leading conservatories and we can assure you that you are in incredibly capable hands when you turn to us. So, you can either contact our team today or visit our showroom in Northampton and we can get to work creating your conservatory.