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Do I Need Planning Permission For A New Conservatory?

A common question we are asked is “Do I need planning permission” so hopefully this will help to answer that question.

Adding a conservatory to your house can be an easy way to add another room to your home, giving you more living space, whether you are looking to extend to have another reception room, dining room or a family room a conservatory can achieve this more affordably than a house extension and a common question we are asked at Park Lane Windows Ltd is “Do I need planning permission” so hopefully this will help to answer that question.

In most circumstances you do not require planning permission to build a new conservatory onto your home, but of course as in most things there are always exceptions.

You should not require planning permission:

  • If your home has not previously had any extensions and the conservatory does not exceed more than half of the size of your house
  • If including any extensions or other buildings built after your home was originally built by adding a conservatory, no more than half of the area of your original house is exceeded.
  • If your conservatory does not exceed 3 metres beyond the rear wall of an attached house or 4 metres if a detached house if no extensions or other buildings have been added since the house was built

You may need to apply for planning permission:

  • If the conservatory is being placed on the front or side of your home and is next to a highway
  • If the conservatory is higher than the highest part of the house
  • If conservatory is going to be in excess of 4metres high
  • If you are adding a conservatory to the side of your house if it is on designated land
  • If you have a listed building you may require listed building consent

Please note that these only apply to houses and converted houses or areas where there may be a planning condition or other restriction that limits permitted development rights, this also only applies to England and may vary for other areas.

If you have any further questions about planning permission for a new conservatory, please call us and we will try and help.

For more information on planning permission, you can always visit the Planning Portal