How Could uPVC External French Doors Transform Your Home?

How Could uPVC External French Doors Transform Your Home?


When it comes to energy efficient doors that are also incredibly stylish, it is hard to look past uPVC French doors as being the ideal solution for you. These are a viable alternative to classic patio doors, and are certainly only going to grow in popularity as time goes on. You may be wondering as to the reasoning behind opting for these – this is where Park Lane Windows can provide some much-needed assistance. Our experts are more-than happy to outline some benefits for you.


Lower Energy Bills


Before delving any deeper into the aesthetics side of things, we believe it necessary to point out elements regarding the functionality of these products. The multi-point locks which come as standard, combines with the incredibly thick panes of glass, mean that the thermal efficiency of your property increases drastically. Not only will you be able to enjoy a top-quality exterior appearance for your property, but you will also be privy to savings month-on-month. This will become particularly apparent during the colder seasons, when you are prone to have the heating on for extended periods.


Durable Option


Because French doors typically feature a wealth of glass used, people tend to believe that they are incredibly weak – this could not be further from the truth. Whilst people typically focus on the array of colours and finishes from which to choose from, we implore you to closely analyse the structural integrity of the frame. The safety glass that is used is also meant to be able to resist the efforts of criminals that try to break into your property. If you want to sleep easily at night, this is a security measure that you should not overlook.


Increases Property Value


As we have already stated, French doors are highly sought-after. It stands to reason, then, that were you to install them within your home, the value of your property on the market will see a marked increase. When prospective buyers come for a viewing, you can be sure that their attention will immediately be drawn to these. The moment that they clap eyes on your highly-polished uPVC French Doors, the possibility of a deal being completed goes up significantly.


Improved Natural Light


If you were conduct a poll amongst the individuals that have already opted to get French doors, in relation to their motive behind making the purchase, you can be sure that the responses would mention the abundance of natural light that can be enjoyed. The double-glazed panes which are fitted are incredibly large, and this means that regardless of the way that your property is facing, you can allow light to flood in. The knock-on effect of this is that your living room also appears to be slightly larger, and this is a positive illusion.


Park Lane Windows – Who Are We?


Has the time come to upgrade your property’s exterior doors, and you want to purchase a set that feature a high-quality locking system? Would you like to install door frames which come in a wide-range of colour schemes? Should either of these statements describe the situation you currently find yourself in, allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Park Lane Windows. In the Northampton area, you will be hard-pressed to find another retailer which can match either our quality French doors, or the prices that they are available at. To those of you with questions regarding our products or services, it would be best if you got our customer support representatives to address them. To get in touch, you need to use the contact information outlined on our website.