How To Turn Your Conservatory Into An Office

How To Turn Your Conservatory Into An Office

How To Turn Your Conservatory Into An Office

A conservatory in good condition can be turned into a gorgeous office. Lots of natural light and views of your garden makes a great working environment. If you work from home and have a conservatory you’d like to repurpose into an office, these tips are for you.


Deep Clean First

Changing a room around is a great opportunity for a deep clean. You don’t want to notice dirt whilst you’re working, or it will be distracting. Plan to give the room a spruce up by cleaning the windows, floor and other surfaces before moving furniture in.


Plan Furniture

A good-sized desk is a nice focal point for an office. If your conservatory is round or octagonal you could put the desk in the middle of the room. You will need to make sure your plugs can reach though. Bring any shelves, drawers or additional chairs you would like, into the room.


Add Functional and Decorative Items

The next step is to add useful items like your printer, Wi-Fi booster if needed, and laptop. Check the lighting is good and add soft furnishings to make it cosy.

Don’t forget to bring in some lovely plants to brighten the room up too.


Is Your Office Secure?

If you will be keeping your laptop and other equipment in the conservatory from now on, you may want to think about your home security. To keep your new office safe from burglars, consider the following:

  • Adding curtains or blinds around the room and drawing them at night
  • Locking your valuables up when you’re not using them
  • Improving the locks on windows and doors
  • Having an alarm installed


What If My Conservatory Isn’t In Good Condition? 

What can you do if your conservatory is not in tip-top condition but you would like to use it more? There are some options for upgrading and improving your conservatory to make it more energy efficient and comfortable.

Check that the seals, handles and frames are all in good condition. If there are draughts coming through gaps you will want to fix them with window tape or sealant.

If you find it too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, you can upgrade the roof. A roof replacement solution reduces noise, sun glare and overheating. Remarkably it also reduces heat from being lost during cold weather. A new roof improves the external and internal look of the conservatory.

When most of the windows and doors are in good condition, it can seem like a lot to invest in an entirely new set of glazing. Refurbishment that just fixes the problem areas, is a cost-effective way of improving the space without unnecessary spending.


Turning your conservatory into a dedicated office space has the benefits of good views and peace and quiet. When a conservatory needs a bit of fixing up, you don’t need to go all out and get a new one. With Park Lane conservatory refurbishment you can improve the space in a short time. Replacing broken glass, frames or the roof will make a big difference to your comfort levels and enable you to focus on working in your nice new office space.