Is it worth repairing double glazing?

Has your double glazing misted up? Or maybe you have issues with draughts coming through broken seals? It sounds like it’s time to think about a window replacement or repair. But is it worth repairing double glazing? And can it be done effectively? Let’s look at the process of fixing double glazing and if it’s the right choice for your windows. 

Does your double glazing need to be repaired?

There are a few signs that your double glazing isn’t doing its job anymore and needs to be replaced or repaired:

  • There is condensation between the panes that has made the window mist up.  
  • You can feel or hear draughts coming through the seals. 
  • You’ve started noticing excessive noise coming in through the windows. 
  • There are visible signs of damage, such as condensation or mould, in the seals. 
  • The windows are difficult to open or close. 

The problem you have will dictate whether you need to replace your windows or seek professional repairs. 

Double glazing that is difficult to open

Large uPVC windows can sag with age, making them difficult to open and close. This can sometimes be an easy repair by tightening the hinges or replacing screws. 

Your windows might also be difficult to open if the handle has become stiff. This can be another quick repair by oiling the mechanism. 

If there is nothing wrong with the glazing and the uPVC is in good condition, it’s always best to get this problem checked first. Double glazing repairs are much more cost-effective than replacements. 

Double glazing that has misted up with condensation

Condensation will build up on the inside of your double glazing if your home doesn’t have adequate ventilation. This is a common problem in winter, even if you have brand-new windows. 

Try to open your windows to let fresh air regularly circulate to avoid condensation building up. If you can’t do this, a dehumidifier will take a lot of the moisture out of the air and help prevent mould growth. 

If the condensation is between the window panes, the seals have broken and water has found its way inside. Luckily, this is a problem that can often be fixed. 

Our window experts will be able to advise you if the condensation can be removed or if it’s not worth the cost. If windows have misted badly, removing it won’t usually last very long. In this case, you might need new glazing.  

Replacing window seals on uPVC windows

Broken window seals let in moisture, unwanted noise, and draughts. Not to mention they can make the window difficult to open and close. 

If your windows don’t have seals built into the frames, they can often be replaced to improve efficiency. If they are built-in, the glazing may also need to be replaced, but the frames can remain as they are. Either way, it’s a much more cost-effective solution than replacing the entire window. 

Expert double glazing repairs in Northamptonshire

Whenever you start experiencing problems with your double glazing, you can rely on the window experts at Park Lane Windows. We regularly repair uPVC double glazing and can fix a range of problems, such as condensation, broken seals, and sagging windows. 

If you’re unsure whether it’s worth replacing your double glazing, we’ll give you our expert advice. Call us today to arrange a free consultation and quote