Maintenance Tips That Will Keep Your Windows In First-Class Condition

Maintenance Tips That Will Keep Your Windows In First-Class Condition

Maintenance Tips That Will Keep Your Windows In First-Class Condition

Though it is something which is never given much thought to, the fact of the matter is that windows are a crucial part of any home. When kept in a condition similar to when they first leave the showroom, they can be fantastic at helping to slowly-but-surely reduce energy bills. That being said, this is only possible when homeowners take the necessary time and effort to keep them well-maintained. Below, courtesy of the Park Lane Windows’ team of experts, you can find some tips and tricks regarding the maintenance tasks that you don’t want to overlook.

Demonstrate Proper Use

For those of you that have young children within the family, the chances are that you will not have spared a thought for showing them the correct manner in which to open-and-close the windows. Unfortunately, it is this mistake that can cause you to have to source uPVC replacement windows sooner than expected. There have been numerous instances involving cracked panes and children, and this is caused by excessive slamming. If you would like to enjoy peace-of-mind that your windows will remain immaculate for months and years to come, we suggest you take the time to offer a quick tutorial.

Clean On Cloudy Days

There will undoubtedly be a large number of individuals reading this that feel that the best time to clean windows is when the sun is shining, as this will highlight the dirty areas the best – this could not be further from the truth. Whilst it is hot, the cleaning that you conduct will likely leave various streaks on the pane, some of which could stain if left untreated. To avoid this eventuality, it is advisable that you choose a day where it is dry, yet there is a decent amount of cloud cover. 

Regularly Check Sealant

This is a point which is primarily directed at those homeowners that own uPVC window frames. As you will most-likely already know, the sealant around your panes is an integral part of the overall set-up. Should this become damaged, you will immediately notice a decline in your property’s insulating ability. Thankfully, if you spot the damage soon enough, there are a wide-range of products available on the market which can offer a temporary solution. This is not only energy-saving, but could also preserve some of your hard-earned finances.

Don’t Overlook Locks

Most of the modern double-glazed windows that you can purchase are manufactured to incredibly high-standards; not only does this relate to their thermal efficiency, but also the high-security measures that are integrated. You will want to do all that you can to secure your home from the threat of criminals. As such, a quick lookover of your locking mechanisms every once-in-a-while is time well spent, as this can be the difference between a thwarted break-in, and a home invasion that leaves you empty-handed.

We’re Here To Help

If you are someone that is dissatisfied with their current window style, and believes that sourcing replacement uPVC windows online is the optimal solution to this problem, you will be glad to hear that you do not need to look far-and-wide for a solution. Here at Park Lane Windows, we are proud to be home to some of the finest double-glazed uPVC windows in the country. Aside from the top-tier quality which can be seen throughout our catalogue, we have also made a name for ourselves by having incredibly low window costs. Should you wish to enlist our help, or desire to learn more about what we have to offer, we suggest visiting our website’s contact page – from there, you will be able to choose from countless different methods.