Should You Change The Locks When You Move Into A New House?

Should You Change The Locks When You Move?

Should You Change The Locks When You Move Into A New House?

Congratulations on moving into your new home! Even if the sale and move went smoothly, moving house is still very stressful. Now you’re settled in safe and sound. But should you change the locks right away? You are twice as likely to be burgled if you have lived in the house for less than 12 months. This is according to a Home Office report that compares burglary statistics. You’re less likely to be burgled if you have lived somewhere for ten years or more.


Is Home Security A High Priority When Moving Home?

In a Yale survey, people reported that knowing if there was enough space for a dishwasher, was a higher priority than implementing home security. Furthermore, 16% of participants said they don’t lock the doors and windows when they leave the house. 70% don’t have a burglar alarm. It is also more likely you will be at home and unaware of the burglary taking place. According to the Office of National Statistics in over 64% of residential burglary incidents, someone is home. 43% of those times, the occupant was not aware what was happening. With 58% of burglaries happening at night, it is highly disturbing being asleep with someone in your home.


Can You Be Sure You Have All The Keys To Your Home?

One of the main reasons for burglaries of a new home is because the new homeowners do not change the locks on their doors and windows. With the stress and excitement of moving in, it is understandable if you push home security to the bottom of your to do list. However, with 6% of burglars using a key to get into a home, it is really important to get new locks and keys sorted as soon as possible. You can never really be sure that the previous occupants gave all the keys to the estate agent. Nor can you know that they didn’t lose one or give one to a tradesperson who didn’t return it.


Is It A Requirement Of Your Insurance?

Some home insurance companies may say you have invalidated your insurance policy by not changing your locks. Some insurers will want to see evidence of forced entry for a burglary claim to be processed. If the burglar walked in through the front door with a key, this might prevent you from claiming successfully. Your insurance might also stipulate what kind of locks are accepted. Check your insurance documents to make sure you are compliant.


Do I Need New Windows And Doors?

For security purposes, you don’t need to buy whole new windows and doors if you move into a new home. Wood, composite wood, uPVC and aluminium doors and windows can all have locks changed without replacing the frames as well. Installing beautiful new windows and doors might be on your to do list, but don’t put off changing your locks for months. It is far safer to have your locks changed as soon as possible, and then get the new doors and windows when it is convenient for you.


It should be a high priority to change the locks on your windows on doors when you move house. For your safety and the security of your possessions organise a locksmith to join you on moving in day. Then tick it off your to do list and sleep soundly on the first night in your new home.