new porch roof

The Benefits Of A Porch You May Not Have Considered

new porch roof

Over the past few years, extensions and conservatories have become an increasingly frequent investment amongst homeowners with a significant amount of disposable income. However, these are not the only ways in which to achieve extra space for your property. Despite being regularly passed over, porches remain an innovative solution for those people that do not wish to relocate. The specialists here at Park Lane Windows are here to elaborate on some of the benefits which could give you pause for thought.

Improves Property Value

Although you may not be focussing on long-term benefits at this point in time, it is not something that you should overlook altogether. The housing market is one that is both volatile and extremely competitive – if you want to improve your chances of attracting prospective buyers, a sure-fire way to achieve this is to invest in a front porch. This will immediately catch the eye, due to it being considered a desirable feature. Not only this, but it can help to cause your home to spike in value, meaning that you can recoup your money further down the line.

Alternative To Garden

Should your property be lacking in the garden department, it is understandable that you might want to find somewhere else to spend your time relaxing in the summer sun. One of the best solutions to this particular predicament is to turn your attention to the potential of installing a brick porch. The decking area can, in fairness, be used throughout the year. When completed to a high standard, you can expect this to be somewhere that you spend the vast majority of your free time, and it is not difficult to see why this is.

Increased Security

Depending on the size of your porch, and the location that you decide to install it, you can potentially expect to enjoy a greater level of security. The reason for this, in essence, is that it offers an additional layer of protection between you and the exterior of your property. For instance, criminals will no longer be able to immediately gain access to your front door. Instead, they will have to try and infiltrate your porch – the extra time that this grants you is something that you cannot put a price on.

Why Choose Us?

For those of you that have already determined the type of porch that you would like to invest in, but have yet to decide upon the contractor that you wish to hire, you may be interested to learn that Park Lane Windows is available. Over the past forty years, we have had the privilege of being involved in numerous porch extensions, all of which have been finished to the highest standard. We also guarantee that the relevant building regulations are adhered to. If you need any convincing of our credentials, taking some time out of your day to scroll through our Google Reviews could be worthwhile. 

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When you come to Park Lane Windows, it does not matter whether you desire a new porch roof that can seamlessly fit in with your listed building’s aesthetics, or simply want double-glazed panes to be installed in your windows and doors. As a company, we have always remained focused on being able to satisfy the needs of our customers, whatever they may be. We possess the skills and equipment necessary to complete each-and-every project to an exceptional standard, and we never compromise on quality. Think that we could be the firm that you have been looking for? If you give us a call on 01604 791791 today, you might be able to get the ball rolling.