The Benefits Of Upgrading Your Conservatory Roof Solution 

The Benefits Of Upgrading Your Conservatory Roof Solution


When wanting to extend their property, many homeowners will consider adding a conservatory as opposed to a traditional extension. There are a number of benefits to doing so, from reduced costs through to not requiring planning permission, and it is easy to see why a conservatory is the first choice for many. When having a conservatory installed, it is fair to say that many will opt for a glass roof, but this isn’t always the best option available. 


Unfortunately, many homeowners experience problems with their glass conservatory roofs and this can lead to them no longer using the additional space. Thankfully, nowadays, there are a number of different conservatory roof solutions available to choose from and even those with existing conservatories can benefit from these. A simple roof replacement can make such a huge difference and it is likely that this will be the solution to all of the problems you’re having. Below are some of the main reasons why so many choose to upgrade their roof system. 


Create a usable space all year round


Arguably the biggest benefit of installing a solid conservatory roof solution is that you will transform the room into somewhere you can use all year round. You will no longer have to worry about the space being freezing in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer. In addition to this, you won’t have to put up with things such as the glare of a translucent roof either.


Improved temperature control 


Due to the fact that your new conservatory roof will have the same insulation value as any other room within your property, it is likely that you will have better temperature control over the space too. The low u-value of many conservatory roof solutions will help to reduce the cost of your energy bills as well and it is likely that you will notice a big difference in this regard. 


Reduce the required maintenance


As you’re probably aware, in order to keep a glass or polycarbonate roof looking its best, a lot of maintenance is required. Not only do they need a lot of regular cleaning, but they also often need frequent repairs too. By upgrading to a different conservatory roof solution, you won’t need to worry in this regard, the maintenance will be dramatically reduced. 


Increase the roof’s lifespan 


Like any other roof, your conservatory roof will have a lifespan and the length of this will be dependent on the material it is made from. Generally speaking, solid conservatory roof solutions last much longer than glass alternatives and once installed you’re not likely to need to replace it again during your time of homeownership. Of course, you will receive a long comprehensive insurance-back guarantee with your new roof system too. 


Protect the contents of the room 


Many experience problems with bleaching and/or fading of the furnishings in their conservatory caused by direct sunlight streaming through their glass roof. Even with things such as roof blinds, this can still be a problem. With many of the other conservatory roof options, this won’t be something you need to worry about anymore. 


Modernise the aesthetics 


Sometimes, older glass roof conservatories can look quite dated from the exterior, no matter what the interior design is like. Replacing your conservatory roof can instantly modernise and transform the look of the whole conservatory. It is likely that you will be able to get slates or tiles to match your existing roof too, so it will definitely complement the rest of your home. 


Finding out more about conservatory roof solutions 


Ultimately, it is clear to see why so many homeowners decide to replace their conservatory roof, especially if they have an old glass or polycarbonate roof. This fairly straightforward process can usually be completed in a couple of weeks with little to no disruption to you, so it is undeniably worthwhile undertaking. With a number of different conservatory roof solutions to choose from nowadays too, you will easily be able to find something that works perfectly with your existing conservatory design.


If you’re interested in finding out more about the different conservatory roof solutions available to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Park Lane Windows today. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will gladly provide you with any additional information that you require in this regard. We pride ourselves on being able to help homeowners with their conservatory refurbishments and with the assistance of our sister company, Nu-Look Conservatory Roof Solutions, we can provide you with the conservatory roof replacement you’re interested in.