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uPVC vs Aluminum Windows: Which are Best?

upvc windows

Getting new windows installed in your home is one of the best ways to improve your energy rating and reduce your bills, not to mention it will boost your home’s value. 

But if you’re in the process of deciding what kind of windows you want, you might be wondering, uPVC or aluminium? There are pros and cons to each type of window, so we’ll help you break them all down in this post so you can decide which material is better for your property. 

uPVC vs Aluminium: Things to Consider

There are six key factors that will affect which type of window you should go with. 


The style of property you own will play a massive role in the type of window you get installed. If you have a new build with a modern feel, both aluminium and uPVC work great. However, if you have a period property or your home is in a conservation area, uPVC windows are the best route. You also need to think about your personal preferences. Do you prefer thicker frames? Patterned glass? Thin frames? Plain glazing?If you’re totally unsure what would suit your property best, our experts will be able to give you their advice and show you a range of options that could work well. 


Aluminium windows are more expensive than uPVC because of the manufacturing costs. However, aluminium windows are also more durable, so they can provide a cost-effective option in the long run. That’s not to say uPVC isn’t a good investment. It’s a durable, low-maintenance material that will last for years. If you need to update your windows and you’re looking to save money, uPVC is a great route. However, for a long-term investment, aluminium is a fantastic alternative. 


Neither uPVC nor aluminium needs a lot of ongoing maintenance. Unlike timber windows, uPVC and aluminium won’t need regular sealing or painting, and a regular clean is all they will need to look their best.  

Energy Efficiency

Many people believe that aluminium isn’t as energy efficient as uPVC, usually because the frames themselves get extremely cold to the touch. However, both uPVC and aluminium have similar levels of insulation. We always recommend checking the window energy rating (WER) of any new windows you have installed to be safe. At Park Lane Windows, Doors & Conservatories, we only supply and install quality windows with high energy efficiency ratings so you can be sure your house is well insulated. 


It’s no secret that aluminium is a more durable material than uPVC. Quality uPVC windows will last around 30 years before they need to be replaced, whereas aluminium can last up to 50 and still look great. Aluminium doesn’t degrade the same way uPVC does, so they don’t get as damaged over time. 


A great advantage of uPVC windows is the soundproofing quality. Although aluminium will block out a lot of noise, uPVC is much better at blocking out noise. However, they are both very secure options. Both uPVC and aluminium windows are durable, strong, and can be fitted with locks for additional security. 

uPVC vs Aluminium: Conclusion

Both uPVC and aluminium windows have pros and cons. The final decision of what to have installed will come down to your budget, style, and preferences. If you’re unsure what type of windows would work well for your home, we can help. Our team of professional window fitters in Nottinghamshire have decades of experience supplying and installing aluminium and uPVC windows. We’ll arrange a free consultation and walk you through the best options for your property, keeping your budget in mind. 

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