Different types and styles of home windows

What Are The Different Types and Styles Of Home Windows?

Different types and styles of home windows

What Are The Different Types and Styles Of Home Windows is a question we get asked a lot. There are so many different types of home windows available it can be confusing. If you have never had to buy windows before, then this is the guide to some of the most popular types of home windows available at the moment.

Different styles of home windows







Casement Windows

Casement Window Style

Casement Window

The main feature of a casement window is that they open on hinges, like a door. They can open in different directions and come in different styles. They are mostly attached on one side of the frame and open outwards.


Sliding Sash Windows

sliding sash window Style

Sliding Sash Window

Horned Sash Window Style

Horned Sash Window

Using a pulley system to open upwards, sliding sash windows are great for adding some character to your home. Modern versions are made using quality materials to give the benefit of modern windows but the look of old ones. Horned sash windows are similar except for a decorative “horn” that was popular in Georgian and Victorian times.


Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn Windows Style

Tilt and Turn Window

These amazing windows can open at a slant from the top or open like a casement window from the side. Perfect for controlling the amount of air flow and also being adaptable to when kids and pets are in the room.


Georgian Windows

Georgian Window Style

Georgian Window

This style gives the look of the classic Georgian period paned window but with modern materials and secure locks. These are perfect for adding character to a property and look visually delightful.


Leaded Windows

Leaded Window Style

Leaded Window

These lovely windows, known as leaded windows are the name of windows with lead lines criss-crossing each other to form diamond shapes across the glass. This style was popular from 1860’s to 1930’s so can be installed into period properties to enhance those characteristics.


Bay and Bow Windows

Bay Window Style

Bay Window

Bow Window Style

Bow Window

A bay window tends to have three windows and project outward from the house. There is usually one main window that is bigger than the two side windows. Bow windows also stick out somewhat but are usually more rounded and have four smaller windows that are equal in size.


What are the different styles of windows made of?

Different windows can be made of different materials but most modern windows are made of uPVC. uPVC is a type of plastic that is very easy to maintain and lasts for 15-20 years. They do not flake, crack or warp over time so are perfect to use when changing your windows, whatever style you choose.

When talking about windows, there are three parts to consider for all styles of window. The frame holds the window and mechanisms in place and attaches to your wall.

The sealed glass unit is made of two or three panes of glass with a gap in-between. The gap is filled with dehydrated gas or a vacuum to produce a sealed unit. The glass is sealed around the edges and held in place to prevent condensation and ventilation is included to stop damp.

Lastly the window has mechanisms to keep the window shut and locked. Also known as window instruments, they are the hinges, handles and locks on the window.

When deciding on the different type of window for your home, there are a variety of different window instruments you can choose from. uPVC windows can now come in a range of colours as well. This means you do not have to replace your windows like for like. You can totally revamp the look of your property with a new style and colour of window. Choosing your own window instruments also has the benefit of making them easier or harder to open depending on accessibility needs.

Check out the different types of windows we sell here at Park Lane Windows and talk to us about the style that would best suit your home.