What is the Lifespan of Double Glazed Windows?

What is the Lifespan of Double Glazed Windows?

What is the Lifespan of Double Glazed Windows?

Whether you’ve had your double glazing for years or you’re looking to invest in new windows, you’ve probably wondered what the lifespan of double glazed windows is. But that’s a more complicated question than it appears to be, and the short answer is, it depends.  

How long do double glazed windows last?

The lifespan of double glazed windows will depend on the location of your home, quality of the installation, and quality of the windows. 

For example, if two houses got brand-new windows at the same time, but one family invested in professional installers, quality glazing, and lives in a sheltered area, their windows will last decades. 

On the other hand, a family that finds unreliable installers, cheap frames, and lives on the coast will have their windows for significantly less time. 

In general, though, the lifespan of double glazed windows is between 20 and 35 years. This is depending on the supplier and fitter. 

What factors affect the lifespan of double glazed windows?

If you want windows that last for years to come, there are three key factors to consider. 


We don’t have any control over the location of our homes, but it does play a role in the lifespan of our windows. 

Sheltered homes that aren’t subjected to the elements tend to have longer-lasting windows. A coastal property, for example, is exposed to acidic salt water, so the window frames and seals wear down quicker. 

Having said that, most city homes aren’t in a position to see a massive deterioration of their windows due to the weather. This isn’t a factor you need to worry about as much if this is the case. 

Quality of manufacture

It goes without saying that windows made by a reliable manufacturer will last years longer than cheaply-made frames. This is why it’s important to do your research when investing in new windows

You might be tempted to go for the cheapest option, but you’ll be spending more money in the long run on repairs and untimely replacements. 

Quality of installation

Not all window installers are created equal. In fact, a poorly installed window or door will run into issues in a matter of months or years. Make sure you find a reliable installer with a reputation for quality installations. 

Your windows need to be installed securely with no gaps and be fully sealed for the best results. With this quality install, you’ll quickly notice draughts, leaks, and noise coming through your new windows. 

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