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What type of new exterior front door should I choose?

There are three main types of new exterior front door that any homeowner can choose Wooden, Composite or uPVC.

All three have different benefits and features, so which one should you choose for your new front door?

Wooden is the most traditional material used for new front doors, but as it is a natural material it does require annual maintenance to keep it looking as good as when it was first fitted. If you want to keep the natural look of a wooden door it will require varnishing every year, but one of the positives is that if you would rather paint your front door, you can change the colour every year. Whichever you choose you do need to consider the additional maintenance costs that you will incur, even if you are doing it yourself.

Both Composite and uPVC new front doors are maintenance free, which saves on additional costs.

So if your looking for a maintenance free new front door should you choose a Composite Front Door or a uPVC Front Door?

New Composite Front Door

The style and design of composite doors are similar to traditional wooden doors, although they offer better thermal performance, and also have more robust security features. They usually come in a wide range of colour options, with the option of a white interior if that would better suit your internal décor.

New uPVC Front Door

Traditionally new uPVC front doors were white to match your homes existing windows and are available in a range of styles, but with the big developments in uPVC over recent years, white, mahogany or golden oak are no longer your only options, you are now able to chose from a standard range of colour or any standard RAL or BS colour. There is also a wider range of enhanced security features and it is reinforced with steel.

So, in a nut shell, if you’re looking for:

  • Natural front door then you should choose a wooden front door
  • Most Thermally Efficient front door then you should choose a Composite Front Door
  • Most Secure Front Door then you should choose a uPVC Front Door

If you looking for a new Composite Front Door or uPVC Front Door, all of our exterior doors come with a 10 year guarantee.

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