What Type of New Windows Should You Invest in?


The decision to replace your current windows with newer models is not one to be taken lightly. First-and-foremost, you have to try and ascertain which style best-suits your preferences. This could mean that aluminium window frames are more to your liking, or wooden windows catch your eye more. You also need to ensure that the retailer that you purchase from have a strong track-record in supplying top-of-the-range units. As a company that fits both of these specifications, Park Lane Windows are pleased to be able to offer you some much-needed guidance.


Casement Windows


If you allow yourself a glance at any new-build within the United Kingdom, the chances are that they would be fitted with casement windows. There are a number of reasons as to why this is the case. Typically, these types of units are rather cost-effective; they are cheaper than most of the alternatives available on the market, and have been proven to be able to stand the test of time. There are perfect for anyone that are looking for a simple-yet-effective product.


Sliding Sash Windows


When it comes to trying to find a type of window that has modern features, yet offers a slightly rusting and traditional aesthetic, the first product that should come to mind is sliding sash windows. It is worth noting that, when installed, these typically come equipped with triple-glazing panes.The reason for this is that they have been proven to be incredible from an insulating point of view, and this is not something that you should overlook when trying to source a set of replacement windows.


Tilt-and-Turn Windows


For those of you that are a fan of quirky designs, it could be that tilt-and-turn models are just the product that you have been looking for. As many of you will have already deduced, the name of this style stems from the way that they open inwards. The rush of fresh air that you are able to enjoy will bring about a number of health benefits, and this could be argued to be the predominant reason behind their spike in popularity in recent years.


Why Pick Park Lane Windows?


As you can see, there is certainly not a lack of options when it comes to choosing a style for your replacement windows – whether you are looking for a home improvement that deals with noise pollution, or simply want thicker panes of glass that improve energy efficiency, there is an option for everyone. 


The main conundrum that you face, in actual fact, relates to the contractor that you wish to entrust with the work. Here at Park Lane Windows, we believe ourselves to be the ideal candidates to assist you. Not only do we have a healthy catalogue of styles, but as demonstrated by our wealth of Google Reviews, the manner in which we operate is of the highest order.


Need to Get in Touch?


Understandably, this entire process has given you food for thought. When you are trying to determine if uPVC casement windows will prevent heat loss from regularly occurring, or attempting to work out if timber windows are capable of reducing noise penetration, you may feel slightly overwhelmed. Thankfully, this is not a journey that you are forced to undertake alone – Park Lane Windows is here to help. Whilst much of our reputation stems from having a well-rounded collection of products, it is also worth noting that we are home to a first-class customer service team. If you wish to ask them any questions about any of our styles of window, all of the contact information that you require can be found conveniently published on our website.