Why UPVC Windows Are A Popular Choice

Why UPVC Windows Are A Popular Choice

When undertaking home improvements, deciding to go ahead and replace your current windows can make a dramatic difference to both the interior and exterior of your home. There are so many additional benefits to replacing your windows too and you can guarantee that it is a brilliant home improvement to make. Of course, when doing so, you will have many different things to consider, from styles, colours and materials.


These days, when choosing replacement windows, many homeowners will opt for UPVC over other options available on the market and this is probably the most popular choice currently. Whether you’re installing traditional sash windows or modern tilt and turn windows, UPVC can be a brilliant choice and below are a few reasons why. Our team that specialise in UPVC windows in Bedford have explained why these windows are such a popular choice. 


They are extremely versatile


Not only can you get a huge range of different styles of windows in UPVC, but you can also get coloured UPVC windows with many different finishes on them too. Thanks to the versatility of UPVC, it is so easy to find UPVC windows that fit in perfectly with the look of your home whether you live in a traditional cottage or a modern apartment. 


They are very affordable


When comparing UPVC windows to other options, such as timber windows or aluminium windows, they are much more affordable. In general, even if you have a smaller budget, when choosing UPVC windows you should be able to invest in all of the replacement windows you need for your home. Of course, even though they’re more affordable, you still have the option of UPVC window finance too. 


They are low maintenance


The modern technology and design of UPVC has made these windows attractive to homeowners because they are so low maintenance. These windows are known for only requiring a simple wipe down occasionally with warm water. You won’t need to worry about any other maintenance work, like painting or coating, and this makes them incredibly convenient. 


They are energy efficient


UPVC windows are also a fantastic insulator and many praise them for their thermal efficiency. As a non-conductive material, you can trust that the window frame will help to keep the temperature in your home exactly as you desire and also save you money on your energy bills too. Of course, their soundproofing qualities are also beneficial as well, for both you and your next-door neighbours.


They are weather resistant 


If you currently have timber windows then you’re probably aware that they don’t cope well in some weather conditions. Thankfully, this isn’t something that you need to worry about with UPVC windows, they are weather resistant and can handle the hottest days, the stormiest nights and everything in between. You won’t need to worry about rot or corrosion etc. 


They are incredibly durable 


When you choose UPVC, whether you opt for white or coloured UPVC windows, they will look their best for years to come and always as good as the day they were fitted. You won’t need to worry about general wear and tear or needing to get them replaced again in a few years time. You can trust that they are both incredibly durable and long-lasting. 


Choosing to install UPVC windows 


All in all, it is clear to see why so many homeowners choose to install UPVC windows over other options available these days. It really is a brilliant choice for homes of all shapes, sizes and styles and you can guarantee that if you were to choose to install UPVC windows, you will thank yourself for doing so. If you’re happy with UPVC windows, it is worthwhile looking into the many different types of UPVC doors on the market too. 


When deciding to go ahead and replace your current windows with UPVC windows in Bedford, be sure to visit the Park Lane Windows website today. We will happily help you find the perfect UPVC windows for your home at an affordable price too. Unlike lots of other companies, we even have various UPVC window finance options and we work closely with our customers to ensure they’re able to get the replacement windows they’d hoped for. To speak to a member of our expert team about UPVC windows in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us