4 Reasons Why uPVC Replacement Windows Are a Smart Choice

Within your home, there are certain features that can boast to be more-important than others. Your front door is a prime example – this needs to be secure enough so that you can have the peace of mind that intruders won’t barge through, whilst also being able to maintain your property’s thermal efficiency. 


That being said, here at Park Lane Windows we encourage that more-attention should be given to your choice of windows. With so many styles and materials from which to choose from, you may be at a loss as to which direction you should go in. It is for this reason that we have taken the opportunity of explaining why replacement uPVC window frames are a leading option.

1. Affordable to the Masses

Naturally, one of your main points of concern whilst on the lookout for a set of replacement windows is in relation to costs. As a homeowner, you need to try and be savvy with the way in which you spend your money, hence why you might be reluctant to go out of your way to purchase uPVC casement windows. However, provided that you enlist the help of a licensed retailer, it should not be overly-difficult to find a set that is well-within your budget.

2. Notoriously Strong Option

When ranking the not-inconsiderable list of selling-points that can be attributed to uPVC windows, it is hard not to immediately point towards the fact that these are renowned for the durability that they possess. If you were to take a moment to look at the windows and doors that feature in the vast-majority of UK homes, you will notice that uPVC is a common material. This is because it is long-lasting, meaning that you won’t have to keep an eye out for replacements anytime in the near future.

3. Excellent Insulation-Booster

For those of you that are concerned about the way in which your energy bills tend to creep-up during the colder winter months, the chances are that you are actively searching for a suitable solution to this problem. In uPVC windows, you have an energy-saving option that will pay dividends time-and-time again. This material is designed and manufactured in such a way that means that heat finds it incredibly difficult to escape your home. If you would like to enjoy comfortable living conditions all year round, this is the purchase for you.

4. Easily Customised

Understandably, you will not want your home to be a carbon-copy of your next-door neighbours; this means that you need to find innovative ways in which to inject uniqueness into your property. After browsing through any high-end interior design catalogue, it would not take long for you to realise that there is a seemingly-endless number of window colours that can be paired with uPVC. When it comes to purchasing double-glazed windows that can be customised with very-little fuss, you could do a lot worse than opt for uPVC.

Need a Helping Hand?

Hopefully, the arguments above have managed to convince you that regardless of if you opt for sliding-sash windows or bay windows, uPVC is deserving to be the material of choice. The wide-range of benefits that they offer are hard to match, and it is not difficult to see why these models have been flying off of the shelves. 


In case you didn’t know, Park Lane Windows is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of windows – the high-standards that we look to maintain mean that we should have no-trouble putting a smile on your face. To learn more about the window styles that feature in our collection, or to make an inquiry into our windows’ costs, you simply need to call us on 01604 791791.