Essential Gutter and Facia Maintenance Tasks This Summer

Essential Gutter and Facia Maintenance Tasks This Summer

Essential Gutter and Facia Maintenance Tasks This Summer

With summer just around the corner, many of us are getting our gardens ready for hosting BBQs and summer parties. We all love our gardens to look their best in the warm months, from sprucing up the fence paintwork to buying new garden furniture. 

But have you thought about updating your guttering and fascias? There are essential gutter maintenance tasks you need to keep them in top condition. In this post, our guttering and fascia experts will give you their top tips to get ready for summer. 

Start with a visual inspection

Many issues with gutters or fascias can be spotted from the ground with a quick visual inspection. We don’t often look at our gutters when coming or going, so issues are easily overlooked. Check for leaks, cracks, or blockages. If you can see leaves and debris poking out over the gutters, it’s time to get them cleaned. If they’re looking tired or damaged, it might be time to invest in a new, maintenance-free system. Our team will be able to assess your current roofline and let you know if this is the case. 

Clean out leaves and debris

Dirt, leaves, and debris build up over the colder months more quickly. Now is the time to clean out your gutters and make sure they work to their full potential. Simply remove all the build-up from the gutters while avoiding too much sludge going down the pipes – this could lead to a blockage. 

Clear obstructions

If you do have blockages in the downpipes, water will back up and can eventually lead to water damage to your roof. Pour water gently down the pipes and watch to see if it runs freely out the bottom. If it doesn’t, you have an obstruction that needs to be cleared. 

Identify leaks or cracks

Keep an eye on your gutters during the rain and see if there are any obvious leaks or cracks. Water dripping out of the gutters can lead to damp issues in your walls, so it’s important to get these fixed. If the leak is significant or you have a lot of cracks, a new roofline system will be the best option.

Look for corrosion

If you have old cast iron gutters, you might notice corrosion now the weather is improving. This can quickly lead to leaks and cracks, especially on the joints of your gutters. Updating your old roofline system to a modern, uPVC alternative will eliminate the risk of erosion. It’s a much more durable, long-lasting option that requires minimum maintenance, making it a great investment for your home. 

Start your garden maintenance

If you have large trees near your home, now is the time to cut them back and get them looking tidy for summer. Overhanging trees and large bushes are a leading cause of gutter and soffit damage. Loose twigs, leaves, and branches fall into gutters and can even drag them off the walls. Some quick garden maintenance will keep your gutters safe and make your greenery look great for summer. 

Update your roofline system in Northamptonshire

Park Lane Windows, Doors & Conservatories install quality roofline systems for our customers in Northamptonshire. We’ll come and assess your home and give you our advice on the best system with no obligation. From concealed ventilators and felt trays to eave comb fillers for general insect and bird protection, we take care of it all to make sure you have a quality roofline gutter system for your home. 

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