Get your windows autumn ready

Getting Your Windows Autumn Ready

Get your windows autumn ready

Getting your windows autumn ready is important. The nights are getting darker quicker, and the leaves are already starting to turn. Autumn in the UK is beautiful but how many of us decorate our windows to reflect the season? Decorating our windows at Diwali, Christmas or Hanukkah is more of a tradition than in September. Although we all know someone who has got their Christmas lights up already! Aside from décor, we also tend not to check our windows routinely enough. This is the right time of year to make sure windows are in good condition. Here is some inspiration and tips on dressing your windows for autumn.


Let The Light In

During autumn we experience the days getting shorter and we start craving all the sunlight we can get. With electricity bills on everyone’s minds, we also need the light for as long as possible. If you have dark curtains that cover a lot of your window, extend the poles out either side so the curtains let more light in.

Make sure your windows are clean and trim back any overgrown greenery so as much sunlight can get through as possible. You can also consider sticking privacy film to the windows so you can have the curtains or blinds up for longer but still have privacy.


Keep The Heat In

Autumn is the perfect time of year to check how well your windows are performing. That way, if there are issues that need sorting, they can be organised before it gets too cold. Check the following on your windows and external doors:

  • Hold a candle up to your window seals to see if a draught is getting through.
  • Check the frames inside and outside for damage or deterioration.
  • Look for moisture in your double glazing.
  • Make sure your locks and handles are all in good condition.

There are a few other ways you can tell if your windows need replacing but doing these basic checks regularly will help identify any major issues. Ideally you want to see your windows and doors in good condition and not letting any heat out, or cold in, through gaps.


Dress Windows For Warmth

When the temperature starts to drop, it can be beneficial to install thermal liners to your curtains or blinds. Liners can be purchased by themselves to be added. If you are planning to, buy new ones with liners included. Having more than one layer covering a window is a good way to trap heat in and this is the same for external doors too. You can add draught excluders to doors or curtains that have extra thick lining at the bottom.

When dressing your windows, make sure the curtains cover the whole window area and extend past the frame and over the wall a bit. Curtains should be hung close to the wall, so the gap between is minimal.


Decorating Windows With Autumnal Vibes

Bring the beauty of autumn in the UK into your home by gathering natural objects from your garden or a park. Add some pumpkins and candles into the mix for different textures and sizes. Lighting candles in a window can be a fire hazard so consider battery operated tealights.

We’ve included photos for inspiration that have conkers, squashes, pinecones, nuts, star anise, old books, cinnamon sticks, dried berries and even blankets as part of the display. All are suitable for staying indoors for a while and some will add a luxurious autumnal scent. If you bring anything in from outdoors, give it a wash and pat it dry with paper towels to make sure there are no bugs left on it.

Get your windows autumn ready

Get your windows autumn ready

Get your windows autumn ready

Going for a walk in nature and bringing home some autumnal treats to decorate a window is a relaxing and mindful activity. It can be done alone, with family or friends.


As autumn sets in, use these tips to give your windows and doors maintenance and preparation for the worsening weather. Thermal curtains, no draughts, windows in good condition and a beautifully decorated autumnal display… All you need now is a pumpkin spiced latte and a good book to hibernate with.