The Hidden Benefits Of Investing In A New Porch


Most people would typically associate porches with old-fashioned buildings situated in the deep-South of America. Whilst this stereotype may have been applicable for a number of years, there is no denying the growing trend amongst British homeowners. Up-and-down the country, you cannot fail to notice the number of people going out of their way to build a porch outside their property. If you wish to educate yourself on the benefits that this type of venture could provide, you simply need to heed the words of the Park Lane Windows’ specialists.

Fantastic Visuals


From the moment that you clap eyes on the porch of your choice, you will understand the potential upgrade that it can provide your property with. Provided that the contractor that you entrust your needs with has access to top-tier materials, you can expect to be in possession of a porch which, both from a functional and aesthetics point of view, is nothing short of incredible. This form of extension will make your home the envy of your street, which is not an opportunity to be missed.

Improved Security

At first glance, you may not think that modern porches are much when it comes to security measures. However, once you delve a little deeper, you should hopefully come to the realisation that these are incredibly durable constructions. Brick porches, for instance, can easily withstand the efforts of criminals, particularly if they are combined with a composite door. The locking mechanisms that are typically found within porches are more than enough to deter potential thieves.

Additional Storage


Depending on the amount of floor area you decide to set aside for your porch, you may find that the new addition to your property offers a level of storage that previously eluded you. If you have been struggling to find space, for instance, for guests to put their shoes when they visit, or have a coat stand which needs a home, this could be just the solution that you have been so-desperately seeking. Space is a luxury, and the possibility to obtain more shouldn’t be passed on.

Excellent Relaxing Space


Although this may feature last on this list, most would agree that this is the primary motivation behind investing in a brick or uPVC porch. These installations are surprisingly roomy, meaning that when the sun is shining during the winter months, they are an excellent location to sit back and relax. If the front of your property is South facing, you may find yourself spending more time on your porch than in your garden. There is nothing wrong with this, however, as it shows that you are getting the money out of your installation.

What Can We Offer You?


As you may have already deduced from our name, here at Park Lane Windows we are not a firm that solely specialises in adding porches to existing properties. Whilst this is certainly something that we are incredibly proud of, our primary line of work relates to supplying windows and doors that are priced below that of the market average. Should you be searching for a front door that is incredibly durable, or wish to invest in double-glazed windows that improve your home’s insulating capabilities, we are the firm for you.

Are you wondering how much a new front porch will cost, or want to gain a better understanding of the building regulations associated with porch installation? If so, you may wish to spend some time going over the contact page on our website. From here, you can choose your preferred method from those described, and subsequently, get in touch with a member of our team.