The Types Of Doors In Northampton That You Don’t Want To Miss

The Types Of Doors In Northampton That You Don’t Want To Miss

The Types Of Doors In Northampton That You Don’t Want To Miss



As a homeowner, it is more-than-likely that you will constantly be keeping an eye out for home improvements that you believe would greatly enhance the overall quality of your home. In some instances, this may apply to wallpapers that you perceive to be aesthetically pleasing; other times, your attention may be caught by door designs that are slightly different. It is the latter type of scenario that Park Lane Windows is accustomed to assisting in. If you continue your reading below, you can familiarise yourself with the doors that have proven to be most popular within our collection.

Bifold Doors

In recent years, people have been coming to the conclusion that it is not solely the front of the house which needs to be looked after. When it comes to an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere to live in, you will want to be able to transition seamlessly from your property to your garden. This is where bifold doors enter the picture; their aluminium frame is incredibly chic and sophisticated, whilst the manner in which they fold ensures that you don’t need to worry about shuffling your room’s layout each-and-every time you want to open them.


uPVC Doors

There are few within this industry that would dispute the fact that over the past ten years or so, uPVC has become one of the most popular materials within the construction industry. Much of this can be attributed to its versatility – whilst many people associate this synthetic plastic with windows, there is no denying that it is also excellent for front doors. In terms of thermal efficiency, you will be hard-pressed to find an alternative which will keep your heating bills as low as uPVC.


Composite Doors


If you are someone that appreciates the visuals of a classic timber door, but does not particularly want to have to endure the hassle of constantly maintaining these aged products, it could be that a composite door is just what you have been looking for. Available in a range of designs, you can be sure that you can exercise your creativity when purchasing one of these incredible doors. We can also assure you that thanks to the array of colours from which to choose from, you won’t have to worry about feeling restricted. 

Why Buy From Us?

As you can see, when you come to Park Lane Windows there is no shortage of high-quality doors from which you can choose from. However, if you have conducted any meaningful amount of research, you may have realised that we are not the only retailer available to you in Northampton. Therefore, you might be curious to learn as to why it is that we deserve your business. In short, we are a firm that prides itself on regularly achieving total satisfaction for our clients; this is evidenced by the wonderful testimonials that we have received on Trusted Traders. We hope that these are enough to convince you of our credentials.

Need Some Assistance?

Do you believe that your home should have the highest-quality features available, and think that now is the optimal time to replace your existing doors and windows? Are you currently living in Northampton, or the surrounding area, and are finding it difficult to find energy-efficient entrance doors which remain within your budget? Here at Park Lane Windows, we are well-accustomed to helping homeowners that find themselves in situations similar to those mentioned above. 


Our catalogue consists of an array of high-performance units; whether you require an exterior door at the entrance to your property, or patio doors at the rear, we will not let you down. For more information, we suggest speaking to one of our customer support representatives – the relevant contact methods can be found on our website, for your convenience.