What causes condensation in windows?

What causes condensation in windows?

What causes condensation in windows?


If you’ve noticed condensation on your double-glazed windows, this usually suggests that there’s an issue somewhere. It could mean that you need new windows, or that you just need to make small changes around your home. Keep reading to find out more.

What causes condensation in windows?

Condensation is caused by a buildup of moisture in the air within a confined space, if the area isn’t well ventilated, the moisture has nowhere to go and will settle on a cool surface. Whether that’s walls, ceilings, or more commonly – windows.

This buildup of moisture is particularly common in the UK, as our homes are built for the colder weather in order to prevent cold drafts entering and warm air escaping from our properties. It happens more often in kitchens and bathrooms, where hot air and steam are far more frequent. There’s more moisture in the air than you may realise, in fact it’s been found that a family of four in a three-bedroom property produce on average 112 pints of moisture a week, purely from standard activities such as cooking, showering, boiling water, and even breathing! This moisture all ends up in the air, ready to settle on the nearest cool surface.

Misted windows, or condensation on your windows, can be caused by a number of factors – depending on what type it is. If you notice condensation, check to see if it’s on the outside of the windows, the inside, or between the two panes of glass.

If the condensation is on the exterior of the window, this is completely normal, and you’ll just need to wait for it to clear. If it’s on the interior or between the two glass panels, this suggests a more serious problem. This normally occurs when the sealant around the panels of glass has been damaged or become deteriorated over time. Air is allowed into the space between the panels, where the moisture settles on the cool panels in the form of condensation.

How to fix condensation in windows?

If you have an issue with condensation within the panes of glass of your double-glazed windows, the only solution is to replace the glass sealed unit. Check your windows regularly for condensation, and the seals for signs of damage. If you do notice anything it’s best to act quickly before more damage is caused. Our team can visit your home and provide a free quote for a replacement double glazed sealed glass unit. And you don’t need to worry about having to replace them all, as we can match most styles, even decorative double glazed windows, as we can remove the misted double glazed unit and arrange to have the decorative window copied, so you’ll only need to replace the damaged units.

How to prevent condensation?

There are a few small changes around the home that you can try out to help avoid condensation spoiling your view in the future. For example, turning the extractor fan on when you cook or shower, to remove any excess moisture from the air. If it’s warm enough, open your windows to improve the ventilation. Also, keeping your home at a constant temperature can prevent air from settling on cold windows.

If you have misted windows, please get in touch – our team of experts can visit your home and provide a no obligation quote to replace the broken double glazed sealed glass unit. If you would like to get in touch with one of our specialists call us on 01604 791791 or head over to our contact page.