Why Refurb A Conservatory?

Why Refurb A Conservatory?

Why Refurb A Conservatory?

Conservatories can sometimes have a bad reputation. They are thought of as being draughty, too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. This isn’t the case with all conservatories however.

Manufacturing processes have improved over the years, as have materials. A refurbed conservatory can stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter and won’t be draughty at all. Having a conservatory you don’t use means you do no get the benefits of using it. If you want to get the benefits below back, refurbing your conservatory is your best choice.


Gives You An Extra Room

A good quality conservatory provides a usable room all year round. If you are looking for more space in your house, a conservatory can provide that. You can knock a wall though, to make a much bigger space than before. If the current standard door is getting old, replacing it will keep the conservatory as its own separate space.

As a good quality conservatory can be used all year round, there are endless possibilities on how to use it. You can extend your kitchen into a conservatory, use it as a luxury greenhouse, dining area or hobby room.


Increase Your Floorspace

House valuations take the floorplan of a house into account when calculating the property worth. By refurbing your conservatory, you are adding floorspace and increasing the usable floorplan of your home. This is attractive to buyers.

A survey by Move Streets found that having a conservatory could increase the value of your home by £6,000. The cost of refurbing a conservatory is relatively low compared to other home improvements such as full extensions. The lower cost, combined with the added value, can leave a decent profit.


Cheaper Than Moving House

Having a conservatory refurbed has a significantly lower cost than moving home. It is also less invasive and quicker. One of the main reasons people move house is because they need more space; something a good quality conservatory can solve.

If you are thinking about moving house because you need more space, consider these factors too. Do you like your current home and neighbours? Is the lack of space the only reason you feel like you need to move? In that case, renovating your conservatory to add that space can save you a lot of hassle and stress.


Increase The Natural Light In Your Home

The main feature of a conservatory is the glass. It is the most amount of glass in the house and that allows the most amount of natural light to filter into your home. This Healthline article explains that natural light can help:

  • Boost vitamin D
  • Reduce likelihood of seasonal depression
  • Improve your sleep.

It has been proven that better sleep also leads to a reduction in heart related issues and weight gain. So having a room flooded with natural light could be seen as more beneficial than just nice to look at.


Conservatories Can Look Stunning

Speaking of a good-looking conservatory though, don’t underestimate how much one can improve the look of your property. A properly restored, quality conservatory, reinforced with premium materials and excellent craftmanship will look gorgeous. You can choose the colours that will complement your home and garden the most, as there are a lot of options available nowadays. You can choose a builder with a warranty of ten years to guarantee the quality. This means your conservatory will be unique, comfortable, and long-lasting.


With the improvements in technology and materials, conservatories have the potential to be so much more than they used to be. Bringing light, more space and more style to your home for a fraction of the cost of an extension or moving house, the question isn’t so much, why refurb a conservatory, but why not refurb a conservatory?

If you have a conservatory and it isn’t performing for you, chat our team at Park Lane Windows. We specialise in conservatory refurbishment and have the perfect solution for you.